The Great Streets team

Naomi Iwasaki - Director of Neighborhood Services and great Streets

Naomi Iwasaki joined the Great Streets team at the start of 2016. She was born and raised in the Mid-City neighborhood of Los Angeles and, after going to school and working in the Bay Area and New York, has returned home thrilled to facilitate positive change in our streets and neighborhoods. Besides family and friends, what she missed most about LA was the Pacific Ocean, Dodger Stadium sunsets, and the city’s underrated hustle.

Carter Rubin - Senior Program Manager

Carter Rubin was born and raised on Los Angeles’s Westside. He completed his masters degree in urban planning at UCLA in 2013. When he’s not exploring Los Angeles on foot, bike and train, Carter spends time with his wife, dog and his second family, the Los Angeles Kings. His favorite thing about Los Angeles? “By the time I’ve seen everything in LA, enough will have changed that I’ll have to see it all over again.”

Qiuana Williams - Program Manager

Qiuana Williams joined the Great Streets team in December 2016. Born and raised in the South Bay, she decided to pursue higher education internationally and completed her master’s degree in City and Regional Planning at Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales, UK. After returning to the States, Qiuana decided to embark on a career dedicated to public service. Before coming to the Mayor’s Office, Qiuana worked for then-Assemblymember Warren T. Furutani as a field deputy, and Jerome E. Horton, Chairman Emeritus of the State Board of Equalization as the Regional Outreach Stakeholder Manager. Qiuana's favorite thing about LA? "Year round beach access!

Stefanie Dhillon - Design intern

The Great Streets Alumni

Nat Gale - Program Director (2014-15)

Lilly O’Brien - Program Manager (2014-16)

Alex Jung - Intern

Alvaro Gomez - Intern

Kaitlin Scott - Intern

Justin Pascone - Intern

Shira Moch - Intern

Grace Cho - Intern

Roxana Reyes - Intern

Sarah Mercurio - Intern

Lauren Ballard - Intern