Westwood boulevard

Built to capture the burgeoning car culture of 1920s Los Angeles, Westwood Village is where Westside and UCLA come together. Today, Great Streets seeks to capture the tens of thousands of Angelenos who pass through Westwood Village every day by car, foot, transit, and bicycle. Great Streets will partner with the Westwood Village Improvement Association and other community partners to support efforts to maximize community access, reduce commercial vacancies, and improve parking management in the Village.


  • Partnered with Bureau of Street Services and Department of Transportation to implement proactive infrastructure maintenance, including concrete sidewalk repairs

  • Initiated weekly overnight street sweeping

  • Installed solar powered Soofa bench

  • Upgraded bus shelter with USB charging station, wifi, and realtime updates

  • Installed pedestrian wayfinding signage throughout Westwood Village

  • Updated parking meter management system with LA Department of Transportation





Westwood Boulevard Story Map

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