What does it mean to be a “Great Street”?

In 2014, a Great Streets corridor in each of the City’s fifteen Council Districts was announced, after a collaborative process including the Council Offices, a technical committee, and the Mayor’s Office. Corridor segments were identified for a variety of reasons, including potential for positive change, existing projects and programs, opportunities to leverage other resources, and demonstration of need. The purpose of focusing on individual corridors is to prioritize resources, coordinate inter-departmental improvements, and empower community members in Great Streets neighborhoods to create their vision for the corridor’s future. Three main components for a Great Street in your neighborhood include: Aligning and identifying resources, including capital improvements and economic development support, for infrastructure, businesses, residents, institutions and public space along Great Street Corridors Streamlining city department work plans to make most efficient and effective use of public improvements Providing opportunities for community members to improve their Great Streets, including our Challenge Grant program, Arts Activation Fund, and Mobility Challenge.

Can my street be designated a “Great Street?”

The Great Streets Initiative has been working to secure resources that would expand the number of corridors on which we will work. In February 2019, we will launch the 3rd Round of the Great Streets Challenge that is open to ANY street in the City of Los Angeles! Apply to be a Community Partner with the City and identify the next Great Street in your neighborhood!

What is is the relationship between the Great Streets Initiative and city policies such as Mobility Plan 2035, Plan for a Healthy LA, Sustainability pLAn, or Vision Zero?

Citywide policies such as the Mobility Plan 2035, Plan for a Healthy LA, Sustainability pLAn, and Vision Zero guide the direction and priorities of all city department priorities. The Great Streets Initiative is thrilled to be in line with the goals of many of these plans, including addressing needs of our most vulnerable populations, prioritizing the health and safety of people in Los Angeles, and developing effective long-term strategies for the future of our City. The Initiative, in partnership with the Department of City Planning, is also developing a community-driven process to implement the policies and programs of the newly adopted Mobility Plan 2035.

How can I get involved with the Great Street in my community?

Each of the 18 Great Street corridors are at different phases of enhancement, based on varying resources and levels of organization. For corridor updates and information about community partners, please visit each Street’s page on our website Updates section.